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Innovative Technology for a Safer Workplace

Pittsburgh Drone Services is dedicated to workplace safety by using advanced drones, robotics, and AI solutions. Our technologies work together to ensure safer environments, reduce risks, and enhance operational efficiency.

Construction Architects

Precision Technology for Optimal Efficiency

Pittsburgh Drone Services specializes in leveraging the power of drones, robotics, and AI to revolutionize workforce productivity, infrastructure management, and maintenance services.


We provide precise aerial inspections, efficient automated tasks, and intelligent data analysis. These innovations not only enhance safety and efficiency but also reduce costs and downtime.


Our comprehensive solutions ensure that businesses can maintain optimal operations, address issues proactively, and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of industry.

Workforce Education

Our unmanned aviation education classes offer comprehensive training across three key areas: Recreational Pilot, FAA Commercial Drone Pilot, and General UAS Technician.

These programs cater to various skill levels and professional goals, providing essential knowledge and skills for hobbyists, commercial pilots, and UAS technicians alike.

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