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The Classroom in the Sky! 

Pittsburgh Drone Services is focused on provided a sustainable workforce for Unmanned Aviation through a series of specialized services for autonomous airbourne aircraft under 55 pounds.


We specialize in the commercial autonomous aircraft industry and focus on providing the workforce with the skills that focus on producing  data critical to industry performance. 


Our Services

Our services can be customized to meet your workforce needs.

Security Services 

Securing data is critical for industry. Our security consultations and webinars provide you with information on how to secure your autonomous platform.

Industry focused Courses

Our extensive courses are focused on providing you with the platform to earn your FAA Certification and obtain skills relevant to industry. 

Flight Performance

We teach you how to pilot an autonomous vehicle safely and within all state and federal laws and provide testing to ensure skill mastery. 

Consulting Services 

Consultations are available regarding integrating autonomous vehicles into a company enterprise. 

Educational Services 

We provide programs for secondary and post-secondary institutions. Participants must be 16 years of age to participate.



Our on site special services are focused on providing you with the data you will  need to improve your business. 

NEW FAA Updates Now in Effect

Starting April 6, 2021 Part 107 sUAS pilots will no long need to take an in-person written examination in order to maintain currency for their  FAA Part 107 Small Remote Pilot Certificate.  


The new version of the FAA recurrent test, which is an online training course will be free and is available at; https://www.faasafety.gov/  Please select;  Part 107 Small UAS Recurrent Non-Part 61 Pilots  if you do not hold a manned pilots license. The link is on the left side of the screen at the top of the page.

This new update only applies to UAS pilots who are currently certified. Applicants who are seeking sUAS certification for the first-time must still complete the initial  60-question examination at a FAA testing center.

Additional updates occurred on April 21, 2021, please click on the arrow to the right of the screen for more information. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office; 412-278-7591



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