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Drone Programs

Our extensive programs prepare students for the workforce through three levels; Recreational pilot, FAA Commercial Drone Certification and Internship. We focus on building your skill level through education, practical flight training and field experiences.

Recreational Drone Pilot Program

This program introduces students to the basic requirements that are necessary to operate a drone for recreational purposes.


Students will learn about safety, FAA rules, basic hardware/software, programming the drone. and basic procedures for flying outdoors. No minimum age requirement.


At the conclusion of the program students will take the recreational safety examination that is now required by the FAA.

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FAA Commercial Drone Certification Program

This program is designed to prepare you to become a FAA Certified Drone Pilot so you can operate a drone within the workforce.

Flight training and management is included in this program. Must be 16 years of age and older to participate.

FAA License Examination will be given at FAA Testing Center.

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Internship Program

After completing the first two levels of the program and earning  the FAA Commercial Drone License, students will be assigned to work with different companies that use drone technology.

Students must follow all safety guidelines and be willing to commit to an internship to learn about how drones are used in the workforce.


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